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How to avoid unnecessary spending and damage to your health goals


How to avoid unnecessary spending and damage to your health goals

dec-6-nutritionIf you’re anything like every other shopper in America you’ve gone to the store to pick up “a few things” and walked out of the store having spent not-less-than $100 on “lots of things” instead.  Chances are none of those extra purchases were fresh vegetables or lean meats.  Our impulse purchases tend to be junk foods or highly processed foods that we quickly justify in our minds. It gets worse around the holidays because of the attractive displays and the idea that we are supposed to eat this stuff at this time of year.

If you want to avoid unnecessary spending and unnecessary damage to your health goals, make a list.  If you go in to the store with a plan and a list, you are much more likely to walk out on-budget and on-point with your goals.  Plan your meals.  Make sure that you include fresh, whole foods which are found around the perimeter of the store.  As you shop, check items off your list.  When you find yourself tempted to buy something that is not on your list, take a second to write the item down and ask yourself why you need it.  Those few extra seconds will help you make a more mindful choice about the purchase.

During the holiday season, shopping can be stressful and staying on course with your goals can get difficult.  Everywhere you turn there are treats and candies.  Make your list, check it twice and you’ll find that the holidays will still be nice!

-Sharon Crook, Precision Nutrition certified coach.