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General Physical Preparedness


General Physical Preparedness

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) can take on many forms depending on the individual’s function from day to day. Specifically, in our Military, Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical professions these folks need to have a broad range of physical capabilities as they do not have the luxury of knowing what “Game Day” may bring from one mission or call to the next. Being prepared for all things physically is of highest importance in these fields.

Following a fitness program that improves Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy is the best possible way to increase one’s GPP.  Our balanced fitness approach here at CrossFit MNC improves all 10 components of fitness in a group setting that offers tons of support, motivation, and guidance.


Long time member Fate Black prefers to use our program to improve his GPP. Fate is a member of the National Guard and each year he is required to perform The United States Army Physical Fitness Test. Each element of this test has a minimum and maximum number of reps/time required, and those elements are as follows…

  1. 2-min Max rep Push-ups
  2. 2-min Max rep Sit-ups
  3. 2-mile Run for time

This past weekend Fate completed his annual APFT and for the 3rd year in a row he crushed it!! Going well beyond all minimums and having time to spare on his 2-mile run. With only the addition of a few extra push-ups from time to time at the end of a workout, and the occasional longer running session his single means for prepping for this test has been consistent participation in our program. Fate has amazing work ethic (as seen in the video below) and even when he’s just not “feeling it” the support of his CrossFit MNC classmates give him the extra push needed to get the work done.

There’s nothing quite like having a sense of capability and preparedness for anything that my come your way. Trust me, you can’t get that from Bicep curls and Bench pressing!

When you’re ready to kicka** at life, give us a call (704) 261-5279 or email; to see how we can help.