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“Friday Night Lights”


“Friday Night Lights”

We’ve had several ask, so I thought it would be helpful to post how this event will work over the next 5 weeks. As most of you know by now the CrossFit Open officially starts tonight at 8:00pm with the announcement of the first workout 16.1. Our WOD for Friday’s will be whatever the Open workout is for that week…if at all possible. Some modifications may be made due to equipment needs etc, and we’ll address those as they come.

On Friday’s (starting tomorrow) for the next 5 weeks at the end of the 4:30 class, our typical class format will stop for the rest of the evening. If you are not signed up for the Open and typically attend the 5:30 or 6:30 class, you will still be able to do the workout along with everyone else, you will just not need to have a judge present. I will run 2-3 heats (depending on length of the workout) per hour until we are finished.

All folks coming to perform the Open workout during our “Friday Night Lights” time (registered or not) will be expected to come in, sign up for a heat time, get warmed up on your own and be ready to do the workout at the time you signed up for.  (we will not run structured warms after 5:30)

It is imperative that we run on time out of respect for our Open participants and ALL members who regularly attend the 5:30 & 6:30 classes. We will stay as long as needed to get all the heats ran, but I want to reiterate….as with any other competition the heat times are the heat times. They will start with or without you. If you are not ready, we will quickly grab someone who is or start anyway.

If you are signed up for the Open PLEASE take the judges course! You need to know what is expected of you from a movement standard perspective and so that we have plenty of judges available to accommodate everyone in the heat. If we are short on judges this thing could potentially take forever 🙁  If you are not signed up for the Open and will be here for “Friday Night Lights” PLEASE take the judges course! It’s only $10, and we could sure use the help!!

Thank you in advance, for your understanding. Together we can make this thing run smoothly, a great time for everyone, and a LOT less stressful for me 🙂