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“Friday Night Lights” schedule for 2/24/17


“Friday Night Lights” schedule for 2/24/17

Good afternoon guys, here’s a basic rundown of this evenings schedule….in no particular order.

  • We will run heats of 17.1 every 30 mins beginning at 5:00pm until we finish.
  • We have enough Dumbbells for 4 RX males/4 RX females at a time or a combo of scaled/RX with no more than 8 per heat…assuming we have 8 judges available at the same time.
  • It may get a little tricky due to the Scaled men and RX women needing the same weights so we appreciate your patience in advance.
  • We have plenty of scaled female DB’s, but again how many we run at a time will depend on judges. PS; If you haven’t taken the judges course you still have time 🙂
  • A very extensive warm-up will be on the whiteboard in the back of the gym. Bank at least 30-45 mins to complete the entire thing. This is not required, you may do a much or as little as you’d like.
  • It’s perfectly fine if you are coming tonight to get your normal workout in. Come in, warm-up and you can do the workout with the next available heat.
  • In conclusion; you will be responsible for being ready at your given heat time. Come in, sign up for a heat, warm-up, and be ready to kick ass when it’s your turn. Recover and help judge a later heat if you’re able.

I’m sure I’ve missed a couple things, so feel free to hit me up if you have specific questions.