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Friday, 9/2/16


Friday, 9/2/16

NOTICE; Labor Day Schedule.

Saturday; OPEN; Regular schedule
Monday; CLOSED.
Tuesday; Regular schedule

Training Day

A) Segmented Snatch Grip Deadlift: Hold 1ct at each segment on a coaches call – 4×3 with 75/45lbs – Technical review
B) Hang Power Snatch: Triple every 2 minutes x10 sets; Load from 65% set one – Can share a bar with a partner to pass the ‘long’ rests
C) 3 rounds:
1 min Atlas stone carry 25ft lengths – 95/65lbs
1 min Row calories (can sub for Airdyne)
1 min KBS 24/16kg
1 min FLR (Perform on rings for added challenge)
(rest 1 minute)
Note from the Coach;
Goal is to not crush yourself today out of respect for whats coming tomorrow! Rest before you think you need it