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Friday 8/2/13


Friday 8/2/13

MiniWOD/ Warm-up: For time

run 200m

10 front squat  15/45lb bar

10 push press  15/45lb bar

run 200m

10 box jumps  20″

10 jump squats


Complete for time:

21 thrusters  65/95lbs

21 toes to bar

run 400m

15 thrusters  65/95lbs

15 toes to bar

run 400m

9 thrusters  65/95lbs

9 toes to bar

*scale toes to bar w/ knees to chest…everybody hangs from a bar 🙂

*every time you rest, put the bar down, or come off the pull-up bars you must perform 5 burpees on the spot.

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