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Friday 7/31/15


Friday 7/31/15


Every 3 mins x 15  mins (5 sets)

Power Clean + Push Press + Split Jerk (1 + 1 +1)

While you rest, complete 1 set x as many as possible of ring rows (make these challenging, advanced athletes elevate your feet)

– then –

“Hold this Down”

Teams of 2, one person working at a time

3 Rounds for Time;

6 HSPU’s (each partner)

9 Ground to OVH (each partner)

12 Burpees (each partner)

Scaling for the HSPU’s will be Hand Release Push-ups with very specific standards that I will explain before we start. For the Ground to OVH, pick a weight that you can do 9 reps of pretty quickly (advanced guys 135-155/advanced girls 105-95).

Note from the Coach;

Quick reminder; We will be closed this Saturday August 1st. Come out to support our 6 teams completing in the “Lifting for Literacy” event at the Ballantyne YMCA CrossFit; 9405 Bryant Farms Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277