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Friday 7/17/15


Friday 7/17/15

Strength – Deadlift, or Squat Cleans

Deadlifts; 5 Sets x 3 *building load across the 5 sets. Touch-n-go, no dropping from the top

Squat Cleans; 5 sets x 1.1.1 *Rest 10 sec between singles, building load across the 5 sets.

“Lift Me Up”

3 Rounds of;

With a 2 min running clock, complete as many rounds as possible of;

5 Burpees

5 Ground to OVH (155/105)

Rest 2 min between rounds. Pick up where you left off after each set.

Note from the Coach;

High Effort and Heavy Breathing is the goal today. The Ground to OVH weight should be something you can move pretty well and for multiple rounds touch-n-go, but still be challenging. It’s only 2 minutes, don’t turn the conditioning turn into additional strength work.