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Friday 6/14/13


Friday 6/14/13

Strength: Dead-lift

3-4 warm-up sets then…

1 set x 5 @65%

1 set x 3 @75%

1 set x as many reps as possible @85%

– or –

work up to a new 1 RM dead-lift

Conditioning: Tire flips

*With class time remaining we’ll do a tire flip relay/medley. It may vary by class, and is intended to be done for fun. No real “score” will be taken. Ladies, please wear something you don’t mind getting a lil dirty.

For those of you that would rather do a more traditional style conditioning workout can do the following.

Complete for time:

run 400m

30 kb snatches *15 per arm  16/24

30 TTB

run 400m

20 kb snatches *10 per arm

20 TTB

run 400m

10 kb snatches *5 per arm

10 TTB



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