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Friday 4/4/14


Friday 4/4/14

The CrossFit Total:

1RM Back squat

1RM Strict OVH press

1RM Dead-lift

Notes: The warm-up tomorrow will be very short so we can get to work immediately. If you require a lot of warm-up time or mobility work get here early. For all 3 lifts we will limit them to 3 attempts to establish your max, after the warm-up sets of course. I will be available to help you pick those 3 attempts. Once you get to dead-lifts, I would like to limit it to 3-4 bars total. Everyone will be warm and theres no need or enough weights for everyone to have their own bar. We will group everyone by strength, and the weight will climb upwards with the last woman/man standing.

EVERYONE will be required to squat to depth, with the ONLY exception being an injury. If you are squatting high, you will do box squats to the proper depth. Anyone attempting to put their name on the record board must have the lift watched by myself or anyone of our coaches. If it wasn’t seen by any of these folks, it didn’t happen.

I’m not trying to be an ass, but one of my biggest pet peeves is people claiming they lifted X amount when it wasn’t remotely done properly or to the full range of motion.