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Friday, 12/2/16


Friday, 12/2/16

A) Power Snatch Clusters:
Three sets of 10 snatches
(a) Load with 70% 1RM
(b) Rest 30 seconds between every repetition in a set
(c) Rest up to 3 minutes btwn sets

B) Teams of 2:
2 rounds
1000m Row
50 Deadlifts 95/65lbs
30 Toes to bar
*One person works at a time; Non-working partner must hold HS hold against wall for other partner to accumulate repetitions

C) Extra:
10-minute AMRAP @70-80%
25yd Walking lunges
15 DB hang power cleans
*Hold 50/30lbs. each hand; Any time you set the weights down perform 25 DU