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Friday, 1/13/17


Friday, 1/13/17

Our Barbell snatch warm-up will begin at the designated class time throughout the day. Part “A” will begin 10 mins after designated class time. If require specific mobility work prior to snatching, please get in early so you are prepared. 

A) Segmented Snatch Deadlift:
Five sets of 3 TNG with 85-105% PSN 1RM – Hold each segment for a 2-count

B) Snatch Complex:
7 sets @60-75% PSN 1RM
3 Snatch-grip deadlifts
(release and reset)
1 Power snatch
(rest up to 90-seconds)

C) 4 sets – Not for time:
x2-3 Weighted pull-ups
x10-12 Bent over barbell rows
150ft HEAVY farmers carry
(rest 60-90 seconds)

D) Extra:
Establish 100ft overhead yoke carry PR (2x50ft shuttles)