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Friday 10/17/13


Friday 10/17/13

This will be a really fun class, however due to the amount of work to be done the miniWOD will start 8mins after the particular start time of the class your attending.

MiniWOD: Fight gone not “too” bad

4 rounds, with a partner. *one partner working at a time

1min dynamic push-ups

1min ground to OVH 25/45lb plate

1min burpees

– then –

5 rounds for time:

As one partner completes 20 bench press 75/135, the other partner completes as many double-unders as possible. If a total of 250 double-unders (750 singles) is not reached by the end of the final round a 50 burpee cash out must be completed before noting the teams time.

Partners must be guy-guy, girl-girl. Due to limited rack space, everyone will need to partner up. Consider it a “meet and greet” and get to know someone new.