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Farewell Dustin!!


Farewell Dustin!!

Dustin Webster has been with us for several years now while enrolled in Wingate University’s Pharmacy program. He has now finished up all “class work” and will be moving to rotations which is his final step. Unfortunately his rotations are not within a reasonable driving distance to CrossFit MNC. We’re gonna miss Dustin and want to send him off with some good solid work to remember us by!

EMOM x 30 mins (6 rounds)

Min 1) 3 S2OVH @bodyweight (guys) 65% of bodyweight (girls)

Min 2) “Down + Back + Down” Prowler pass 100/50

Min 3) Rest

Min 4) 30 DU’s (performance) 60 SU’s (fitness)

Min 5) 20/15 Cals on Airdyne

Note from the Coach;

Have a little fun with this one. Overall goal is :30 sec of work for each exercise.