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Defining Your Own Sucess


Defining Your Own Sucess

From our friends at OPEX….

Success equals ________.

Fill in the blank.

What does success mean to YOU?

There is no one answer to define success.

For the Donald Trumps of the world, success may mean making lots of money.

The Golden State Warriors: Winning the NBA championship

A law student: Passing the Bar Exam.

A CrossFit athlete: Making the top 200 in the Region during the Open…earning a spot at Regionals…or going to the Games.

An ‘everyday’ average Joe or Sally in the gym: Adding a 5 lbs. PR to their backsquat…or ‘getting’ muscle-up, or a pull-up…or actually running the whole 800-meter block without stopping.

As you can see…success is 100% relative to the person and the situation.

One person’s success may not even be on another’s radar.

Does that make your idea of success any less important than the next? (for instance: Winning the CrossFit Games versus simply ‘doing better’ than you did last year in the Open?).

By all means: NO!

Take a moment to reflect—really do a little bit of soul searching and think about…right now…at this time in your life: What does success mean to you?

This can apply to multiple areas of your life:

Your work and career. Your personal life. Your finances. Your relationships. Your spiritual life. Your health. Your nutrition.

Think big, and pinpoint success in 1-3 areas during this particular season.

Got it?

Ok…so if that is YOUR definition of success, what are you doing to work towards that?  What action steps are you taking?

The dictionary technically defines ‘success’ as: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

In order to accomplish that aim or purpose…keep your eyes fixed on that aim or purpose…and align your steps—daily with that…

Even if it’s one small baby step…you will get there.

The best part?

ONLY YOU can define that for yourself—success is 100% individualized to you.