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CrossFitter’s that Run….Runner’s that CrossFit


CrossFitter’s that Run….Runner’s that CrossFit

We have many clients that use our program to compliment other interest outside of the gym. Among those interests are those that enjoy running 5K’s all the way up to ½ and full Marathons, plus many versions of Obstacle Races.

I’ve had many clients over the years report back faster than ever training and race times after as little as 6 weeks of participating in our program. Once these runners add strength work and some higher intensity conditioning sessions to their long distance running they can sustain faster pacing throughout all typical associated training and race distances.

Ashea Griffin, Tyler Funderburke, and Christine Elminowski are all regulars in our 6:00am class. All three recently participated in Half Marathons.

ashea-runAshea admittedly hated running as much as anyone could. Many times, choosing to row instead of run during a given workout. Of all things Ashea could have chose as a challenge, she decided she wanted to run a ½ Marathon. She began training back in April and the weekend before last she completed The Myrtle Beach Mini! It may be a “one and done” for her but she conquered this challenge as only Ashea could 🙂


On October 15th, Tyler Funderburke ran The Rocktoberfest Half Marathon to finish out The Run for Your Life, 6 Pack Race Series! This series of races build distance each race finishing with the ½ Marathon. Tyler has been a long-time member and avid runner of local races of all distances. After a short break I’m sure Tyler will be setting his sights on next years challenges!






christine-runChristine came to us with 4 Marathons under her belt and was looking to add some variety to her training. Never doing any strength work before she quickly became seeing increased speed during her training intervals. Christine also ran The Rocktoberfest ½ Marathon on October 15th, and was excited to report back she could run negative splits for the entire race. This means she was getting faster as the race went on even though the course was quite hilly. The additional training stimulus has helped, and netted her a 3rd place finish in her division at this particular race!!

I congratulate each of you on your perspective achievements, keep up the good work!! It’s now time to pick the next one and get to work 🙂

If you have a fitness goal in mind, please contact us to see how we can help.

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