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CrossFitters Christmas List


CrossFitters Christmas List

cf-treeAs bad as we don’t want to admit it, Christmas is right around the corner. We’ve been fortunate enough to grow our CFMNC family enough I feel like it would be helpful to give a very basic “CrossFitters Christmas List” for those of you that haven’t already gotten this stuff already, or need some idea’s to get a CrossFitter for Christmas.

  • Gym Bag. You’re gonna need something to put all this stuff in right? 🙂 There’s tons of options in this category and you can spend as much as you’d like. If someone in the gym has one you like, don’t hesitate to ask what kind and where they got it.
  • Jump Rope. This should probably be the first on the list. If you EVER want to get better at jumping rope or learn Double-unders you must have your own rope. Many folks here have RX Smart gear Jump ropes. There’s other out there that are just as good. These are the only ones I have experience with. As far as deciding on length, if you find one that works well that we have at the gym, we’ll simply measure it and use length when you place your order.
  • Wrist Wraps. Front squats, Power Cleans, Squat Cleans, etc place pressure on the wrist…especially if you don’t have the best mobility. Wrist wraps are a very cheap option to helping offer support and reduce the discomfort you feel while doing these exercises. I personally prefer the 12″ length wraps that Rogue has. They are very in expensive and would be a great stocking stuffer.  Many folks in the gym have the longer cloth wraps and like them a lot. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind letting you trying their’s on to see which one’s you like better.
  • Knee Sleeves. These are particularly helpful if you don’t have the healthiest knees to start with from years of running, lifting, or both. Much like the wrist wraps, the additional support knee sleeve offer can dramatically reduce pain/discomfort and help save you when getting sloppy with Wallballs/Air squats or if you let you knees drift forward under a heavy squat. Although these are a little pricey it’s much cheaper than surgery. These are usually sold individually, double check when ordering and make sure you get 2. These are my personal favorites, but there’s plenty of options also, different colors, thicknesses, brands, etc. Remember, you get what you pay for…
  • CrossFit Specific Shoes. The basic benefit to having a CrossFit specific shoe is the versatility. No matter what brand you prefer they all have a relatively flat sole which offers great stability while lifting and gives you a feeling of being “connected” to the floor. Typical running shoes have thick squishy soles that move around quite a bit under heavy loads. Nano’s, Metcon’s, and Inov-8’s do not, but offer enough cushion to make running up to a mile in a given workout okay. Plenty of our members have each of these brands…some have had more than one and can offer some great insight on which they prefer and why.

That just about covers the basics. These choices above are what I usually grab as I’m preparing for most any workout. Of course there’s always more you could have, so I decided to give a quick look through my personal gym bag and here’s what I found not listed above….

  • Tupperware with a block of chalk. You may find yourself at a Competition that doesn’t have enough or any at all.
  • Roll of athletic tape. Great for holding body parts together so you can get through a workout…there’s probably other uses too 🙂
  • Lacrosse ball. When used correctly these little guys can fix most every ache or pain you may have.
  • Tiger balm and Icy Hot. Great for those muscles that just don’t feel so good all the time
  • The stick. GREAT for the legs and calves
  • Extra pair of wrist wraps. Besides water bottles, this what our members leave behind the most.
  • A weightlifting belt. I don’t use one very often any more (personal preference) but I’ll always have one…just incase.
  • 2 pair of Weightlifting shoes. I may have a shoe problem, and I like to match 🙂
  • Ibuprofen. This doesn’t need much explanation…I’m old.
  • Caffeine pills. This is the only pre-workout I use, and I save it for Competitions only (multiple workouts in a day). I prefer Walmart’s “Stay Awake”. $4 for 90…waayyy cheaper than C-4 or whatever it is people use nowadays.  

As always, if you have any questions about these products or want some advise on what you specifically need please don’t hesitate to ask!!