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CrossFit MNC’s “Friday Night Lights” 2017 Event Series


CrossFit MNC’s “Friday Night Lights” 2017 Event Series

FNL-OpenWe’re only 21 days away the first Open workout of 2017! Our programming revolves around two testing series each year. The CrossFit Opens is an early spring event we participate in every year, and we have our in-house testing series in the fall.

The CrossFit Opens run from February 23rd-March 27th. CrossFit HQ will release the workouts Thursday night @8:00pm (our time) and you have until Monday @8:00pm to perform the workout as often as you’d like to get the best score possible. For more detailed information on the Open  and to get registered click on this link….

For five Friday’s beginning February 24th-March 24th we will be hosting our “Friday Night Lights” event. Our goal for this event is to give a competition style environment to each Open participant so that they can perform to the best of their ability.  Beginning at 4:30pm on these five Friday’s we will not offer our typical class format. After the 3:30 class, we will begin running heats of the Open workouts until everyone has had a chance to do it. To make this successful and run smoothly we need A LOT of help. Each of these workouts must be judged. If you are participating in the Open, we ask that you also take the Judges course (also found at the link above). Unless there’s an equipment issue, the size of our heats will depend on the amount of judges we have.

During these five weeks, Friday’s class workouts will be the Open workouts whether you registered or not. These need to be looked at as testing days, and NOT training days. Your job is to insure you are ready to perform on these days at your best. In other words….Don’t do dumb sh*t in the middle of the week that could get you hurt, tear your hands, etc 🙂

If you have specific questions about the Open or Friday Night Lights please feel free to shoot me an email, text, or talk with me (Greg) between classes.