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CrossFit MNC Q & A Series


CrossFit MNC Q & A Series

Welcome to our new Q & A series! On a daily basis members ask me a variety of questions on many different topics. While some are specific to the individual, generally my answers could apply to many, and the questions have likely been asked before. So we’ve decided to start addressing these in this video series with a hope of helping as many as possible that may have asked or thought to ask the same questions.

This weeks question was from one of our newer members during Monday’s Back Squat tester. “What should my Back Squat be?” Great question, and I’ve expanded it a bit and listed several baseline strength numbers in the following categories; Double leg, Upper body push, Upper body pull, Bending, and Core. As mentioned in the video these numbers are guidelines for creating a balanced athlete…competitive or otherwise.

I would love your feedback and if you find this helpful keep the question coming!

*Disclaimer; I hate myself on video. So please focus on the contend, and not the presenter 🙂    Over time hopefully it will improve.