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Couple of Annoucments


Couple of Annoucments

Beginning in July, I will be discontinuing the Strength Programming that is being currently offered in the back area of the gym. Our growth is the biggest driving force behind this move (a good problem to have). The 5:30 and 6:30 evening classes, including our growing Foundations Class are making things a little on the cramped side at that time of the evening.

For those still wanting to do some additional strength work Catalyst Athletics and Heavy Metal Barbell are excellent resources for daily strength programming.

If you are interested in a more individualized approach, I’m excited to announce I will be offering Personalized Program Design to a limited number of clients starting as early as July. Everyone that has been involved in a structured, group fitness program for any lengthy duration of time has experienced plateaus. No matter how great the program, at some point progress will inevitably stall…then what? Having a program specifically designed around you and your individual goals is a great way to effectively keep you moving forward. Your Personalized Program will evolve and progress as your abilities do. No matter what your goal, I can build a program to fit the need.

If you would like more information about this process and the cost associated with it, please email me at