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The food we put in our bodies “drive” our ability to function properly.


Does your morning routine include reserving a chunk of time to swallow a smorgasbord of medication? I’m not talking supplements and vitamins but prescription pills for things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic inflammation, to name a few.

Did you know that you could eliminate the need for many of these ailments just by changing your diet?

(I’ll wait while you roll your eyes and mutter, “Yeah, right” under your breath……)

Most people do not realize how much impact food has from the inside.  We tend to be very basic when it comes to thoughts of food: eat when hungry, eat what tastes good.  We don’t consider what happens once the food we choose goes in to our bodies.

I won’t overwhelm you with all the boring (and confusing) science stuff.  Let me use a simple analogy.   It’s just like a car. Put low-grade gasoline, oil, anti-freeze, etc. in to your car and it will run okay but perhaps spit and sputter and need more frequent visits to the mechanic for check-ups.  Put quality products in to your car and it will run better, more efficiently and only need routine trips to the mechanic.  Our bodies are similar; the food we put in “drives” our ability to function.  When we put in low-grade foods filled with excessive calories, carbs and unhealthy fats our bodies can’t function optimally and we end up having to take medicines to combat the effects of the food.

I’m not saying to eat a salad and stop taking your prescriptions.  What you can do is take a good look at what you are feeding your body.  Start making some changes and talk to your doctor about monitoring the need for your medications as you make the changes.

If you would like some help making lasting nutrition changes and keeping yourself accountable, ask about CFMNC’s Nutrition Coaching program. or text or call Sharon at 704-840-5650

Pass the sugar, please

Literally pass it….you don’t want that crap.

We all know that sugar is not good for us.  Many of us consciously avoid foods that we know have a ton of it.  What most of us don’t know is how sneaky sugar is.  It finds its way in to our foods without telling us and leaves us feeling perplexed when we are struggling to meet our nutritional goals.

It’s not too difficult to spot the obviously sugar-packed foods:  cookies, candy bars, candy, cereal, candy….  It’s much more difficult to identify the sneaky sugars.  It requires a little more time spent looking at labels or plugging foods in to a nutrition tracking app.  Not only can sugar hide in seemingly healthy foods, but manufacturers also like to distract us with packaging that boasts “healthy” or “wholesome” when what’s inside is anything but.  Let’s take a look at how sneaky sugar is.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Egg – 17g sugar

Fit & Active Cookie Dough Protein Bar – 18g sugar

Lara Bar (Apple Pie) – 18g sugar

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Parfait (Peach) – 25g sugar

As you can see, the yogurt wins (loses?) and the actual candy bar has less sugar than the labeled “healthy” bars.  What. The. Heck.

The next time you go to grab a snack or get groceries, spend a few extra minutes checking the sugars in what your buying before you throw it in your cart.   Those sneaky little suckers may be sabotaging your goals!

Happy Eating!

Sharon Crook

Better alignment, better results

Exclusive coaching client Robb Stevens is performing “Frankenstein Reverse Lunges”. We’ve assessed Robb has an imbalance when it comes to overall leg strength. This is just one exercise we’re utilizing to bring this up. This movement not only challenges the legs individually but also requires him to keep a very stable mid-line…also an area many folks could use some work on.

To properly address imbalances such as these an Individualized approach is necessary. Through this individualized approach, Robb is able to better align his training program with his specific fitness goals. Do you have a major hole in your fitness game, or have looking for a more individualized approach?? If so, we can help!!

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation for more information about our Exclusive Coaching program where you’ll receive a training program specifically designed for YOU and YOUR fitness goals.

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Have you seen all the “healthy” snacks that are conveniently packaged for easy on-the-go eating?  They boast low calories or that they are made with “wholesome” ingredients like whole wheat.  Have you really looked at them?  The next time you’re shopping take a good, hard look.  Look at the ingredients.  Can you pronounce all of them?  Is sugar an ingredient?  How many sugars and carbs are in that little fella?  How many packs will you need to actually feel satisfied?  These things are just as full of crap as their maker is for marketing it as “healthy”

It is so important that you keep your guard up when watching commercials, looking at “health food” sections and packaging labels.  You’d be surprised what companies are allowed to call “healthy” on their packaging.  But what about the convenience, you say?  There are plenty of whole food snacks that work great on-the-go.  Try some fruit.  Have a serving of mixed nuts.  What about cut up veggies?  You can even buy tuna in a pouch.  There are other options that are actually healthy that will keep you on track and feeling good.

April 24th-30th Training Preview


Monday: Close-grip bench press/Bent-over barbell rows + Pull-up/Thruster/Run Partner workout 

Tuesday: Hang power cleans + Back squats + Sit-up/Double-under conditioning work

Wednesday: Split Jerks + Run/Push-up conditioning work

Thursday: Rest/Recovery/Make-up Day

Friday: Power snatch + Lunge/Box jump/TTB/Hang power snatch conditioning work

Saturday: Russian KBS/Deadlift/Side Planks + Row/HSPU/Run Conditioning work

Sunday: CLOSED

The single most important piece of equipment that you need!

The Kitchen is where it’s at!

It’s not the kettlebells or a loaded bar.  It’s not your running shoes or the rower.  The single most important piece of equipment that you need to keep your body healthy is a fork.

Your health starts in the kitchen!  The choices that you make regarding what you fuel your body with will have the most significant impact on your overall function, well-being, sleep, performance and cognition.  Yeah, it’s that important.

Build a foundation for your health!  Choose fresh, whole foods and healthy fats.  Eat plenty of protein and lots of vegetables!  Use that fork to take a stab at becoming a healthier version of you!

Assess don’t Guess!


Each and everyone one of us respond and adapt differently to training stress.

When it comes to building absolute strength knowing how YOU respond is very important in effectively improving these characteristics.

This week I had several of Exclusive Coaching clients run through a particular Back Squat test list below.

Take 20 mins to establish a 1RM Back Squat
– Rest 10 minutes –
Then perform an AMRAP set with 80% of new 1RM

As their coach, seeing each individual clients AMRAP score gives me great insight to what they have going on “Under the hood.” Depending on their score they may respond better to higher volume w/moderate intensity, or lower volume w/high intensity in regards to improving overall absolute strength numbers.

Exclusive Coaching offers greater flexibility within program design so that each individual is getting what THEY need based on their individual needs and our findings through this assessment among others.

If you want more information on our Exclusive Coaching program shoot me an email at or call (704) 261-5279


Does Your Lifestyle Match Your Goals?


When we go to the gym, go for a hike, run, swim, bike, etc.  we pour all of our energy in to that activity.  Let’s consider a WOD at the gym.  We push ourselves physically and mentally to perform the best we possibly can so that we can be stronger, better, leaner and faster.  We show up on a regular basis, dedicated to achieving those same goals.  We know it’s a process so we stick to it week after week, month after month.

So why don’t we do that with our nutrition?   Good question.   What we eat has a far more significant impact on our physique than what we lift and because of this, we have to exert effort just like we do in the gym.  Just like it takes discipline and effort to lift 80% of your max repeatedly in a WOD or to keep throwing yourself down on the floor for burpee after burpee, it takes discipline and effort to regularly make healthy choices and repeatedly say no to foods that aren’t in line with our goals.

Training does not start and end in the gym.  Reaching your goals is entirely up to you. It’s a lifestyle.  It’s a choice – YOUR choice.  RX that shit!

Become comfortable being uncomfortable….until it’s comfortable again.


Most of us have heard the definition of Insanity:  “Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”

Have you ever noticed how regularly we do this, especially in terms of our fitness and nutrition?

I have personally watched the same people go to the same gym and do the same workout routine day after day, month after month and look exactly the same, lift the exact same weights the entire time…for years! No changes.  No improvements.  Yet these folks are confused as to why they aren’t seeing results???….”But I workout all the time” they commonly say.  That’s not how it works.

So often these folks spend more energy trying to figure out how to keep doing what we’ve always done than figuring out what to change.   If you want to change the way you look, feel, and perform then you have to change the things you are doing!  I know, I know….change is scary.  We are comfortable in our routines and habits, even the ones that aren’t that great.

Become comfortable being uncomfortable….until it’s comfortable again.

Need help figuring out what it is YOU need to change so that you can get the results you want??  You’ve come to the right place!

Creating a new habit isn’t always easy.  It takes discipline, training and willingness.  It’s uncomfortable.  But like most things that require effort, it will be worth it. The One Coach/One Client approach of our Exclusive Coaching Program provides an Individualized program to get you off the road to nowhere, and get you on the path leading to those health and fitness results you’ve been chasing.

For more information call (704) 261-5279, or email 

We Can Help!


One’s definition of fitness largely depends on the person. Whether you’re looking to perform better at work, an athletic endeavor, or simply kick a$$ at life, our Exclusive Coaching Program can help!


We create a training program specifically designed around where you are TODAY, then map out a plan on how to get you where you want to go.  This One Coach, One Client approach provides all the necessary support and guidance to ensuring your fitness program is aligned with your goals, ability, and lifestyle.


Please call (704) 261-5279, or email for more information on the Exclusive Coaching Program.