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Better alignment, better results


Better alignment, better results

Exclusive coaching client Robb Stevens is performing “Frankenstein Reverse Lunges”. We’ve assessed Robb has an imbalance when it comes to overall leg strength. This is just one exercise we’re utilizing to bring this up. This movement not only challenges the legs individually but also requires him to keep a very stable mid-line…also an area many folks could use some work on.

To properly address imbalances such as these an Individualized approach is necessary. Through this individualized approach, Robb is able to better align his training program with his specific fitness goals. Do you have a major hole in your fitness game, or have looking for a more individualized approach?? If so, we can help!!

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation for more information about our Exclusive Coaching program where you’ll receive a training program specifically designed for YOU and YOUR fitness goals.

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