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August Athlete Spotlight


August Athlete Spotlight

Allie Jennings


I’m a 25 year old chemist. I just recently got engaged to an awesome man, John, and his little boy, Christian. Together, the two of them complete me fully. Outside of Crossfit I enjoy learning about God, watching football (Go Panthers! Geaux Tigers!) photography and spending time with my family.

Who or what made you join CrossFit?

I saw an opportunity online to check it out and felt like it was something tht Ia could commit to because it was different than just running on a treadmill.

Why did you decide that CrossFit was the right fit for you?

The encouragement from the people here at CrossFit MNC, and CrossFit provides you the opportunity to continuously grow and reach goals; there is never an end point.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?Allie_3

Approximately 2 years

Did you play any high school or collegiate sports?

I played soccer in college.

What motivates you?

Coach Greg, he is always supportive and is confident in my

abilities when I am not.

What is (are) your fitness goal(s)?

To squat 200 lbs or more

Place in a competition

Eventually get a muscle-up.

What advice would you give someone thinking about joining or a newbie to CrossFit?

Do not compare yourself to others in the gym, especially those people who have been doing it for a long time, and never give up.

 How would you describe CrossFit MNC to someone?

 Greg focuses more so on individuals than as a group and goes the extra miles to ensure that  you obtain your fitness goals. Programming tends to focus on strength and lifts, but is also  full of cardio. The gym environment is like a family that is full of encouragement and healthy  competition.

 What is (are) your favorite WOD(s) and/or movement(s)?

 Deadlifts and cleans