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ATTENTION MEMBERS; Class Format Changes *Starting today Jan 10th


ATTENTION MEMBERS; Class Format Changes *Starting today Jan 10th

Hey guys, from the beginning of CrossFit MNC I’ve always wanted to give our members the most “Bang for the Buck” when it comes to our training. As our programming evolves and grows, our class format must evolve with it. Over the last 6-8 months it has been a struggle on the coaching side trying to get all this work in, plus warm-up, plus waiting for everyone to get to class, get shoes on, etc….

I do not want to reduce the volume of work prescribed for each day. It devalues our product and in turn becomes less effective for you the client, so what myself and our coaches are going to do is share the responsibility with you.  We are taking a “Rip the band-aid off” approach and starting today with the 3:30 class. The Strength work will begin at a specific time, and so will the Strength accessory/Conditioning work. It will be your responsibility to be warmed up and ready to do the work at the designated time. Below you’ll see an example of how today’s classes will work…

Tuesday January 10, 2017
Strength; *Begins @3:40 (20 mins)
A1) Deadlift: 
Ten sets of 5 with 65% 1RM – Very short rest
A2) Single-arm DB Row: 
Five sets of x8-10/arm – Performed after every ODD set of deadlifts – Then rest 60-seconds
A3) Forearm Plank: 
Five sets of 60-seconds accumulated each round – Performed after every EVEN set of deadlifts – Then rest 60-seconds
Strength Accessory; *Begins @4:10 (20 mins) 
B) 20-min EMOM: 
Odd – 2 non-TNG power snatches @70-80%
Even – 30-sec max Pull-ups
x10 rounds
C) Extra: 
Not for time
GHD hip extensions
Ring rows, inclined
In today’s workout for example, if you get held up by traffic, your first few sets of deadlifts may have to be climbing in weight to your 65%. Same with the EMOM. Please don’t misunderstand this change, this isn’t intended to punish anyone. Is a much needed change to insure we are respectful to everyone’s time. I’ll use myself as an example….depending on the movement, I need a lot of warm up time for mobility etc. The rest of the class shouldn’t have to wait for me to finish before they begin. It’s MY responsibility to get started as early as I need to so that I am prepared for the work. If I’m not, then I make adjustments to MY workout, not the classes.
It will take a little getting used to, but I feel classes will run much more efficiently for everyone involved…members and coaches.
We thank you in advance for your understanding!