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Assess don’t Guess!


Assess don’t Guess!


Each and everyone one of us respond and adapt differently to training stress.

When it comes to building absolute strength knowing how YOU respond is very important in effectively improving these characteristics.

This week I had several of Exclusive Coaching clients run through a particular Back Squat test list below.

Take 20 mins to establish a 1RM Back Squat
– Rest 10 minutes –
Then perform an AMRAP set with 80% of new 1RM

As their coach, seeing each individual clients AMRAP score gives me great insight to what they have going on “Under the hood.” Depending on their score they may respond better to higher volume w/moderate intensity, or lower volume w/high intensity in regards to improving overall absolute strength numbers.

Exclusive Coaching offers greater flexibility within program design so that each individual is getting what THEY need based on their individual needs and our findings through this assessment among others.

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