Our Coaches

GregGreg Crook

Crossfit L1
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Strongman
OPEX CCP Level 1 Associate Coach Certification

I started my training journey as a competitive power lifter from August of 2001 until May of 2013. During this time I coached and programmed for several training partners throughout the years. I began CrossFit in April of 2012, followed by opening our gym in September of 2012, and have been coaching ever since.

I have always had a great appreciation of all Strength Sports. I’ve been very fortunate to have experienced many training partners reaching their goals throughout my powerlifting career. It has always been just as gratifying for me to see them achieve this goals as it was for me to reach my own. Now with CrossFit MNC, I get to help with peoples goals on a much larger scale. It truly is the best job in the world. I’m very grateful for my desire to learn all that I can in regards to training. I’ve turned my truck into a mobile learning center, always listening to the newest podcast from a select few of my most trusted resource in the fitness industry. (I’m quite certain my kids hate riding with me because of this, lol)

I’m very proud of how well I know each and every one of our members capabilities. I know some of them better than they know themselves, lol. My approach coaching our athletes in a very simple manner, as to not overwhelm them with information. I like teach movements in “layers” if you will. This has been quite effective over the years. I’m not a fan of over complicating things for the sake of “sounding smart”.

In Powerlifting my highlight would be winning the 181lb weight class at the 2006 APF Senior Nationals held in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time, this was a premier meet and the gateway to the WPO (a professional powerlifting division). I competed in the 181lb equipped division beating out 11 other lifters from all over the country with best lifts of a 722lb squat, 494lb bench press, and a 595lb deadlift. I enjoyed my powerlifting career and am pretty proud of some of the lifts I achieved. My best equipped squat was 821lbs in the 198lb weight class (also on the All-time Top 50 Squats in the 198lb Weight Class), a 605lb Bench Press in the 220lb weight class, and lastly a 633lb deadlift in the 181lb weight class. I also competed in the raw (knee/wrist wraps and a belt only) division with best lifts of a 605lb squat, 402lb bench press, and a 600lb deadlift. To date in CrossFit, my highest achievement would be a top 5 finish at the “Team SuperFit Charlotte” Competition with my wife Sharon. Something I never thought I be able to say as an old, washed up power lifter, lol!

I love big things… big weights, big machines, big buildings etc. I would love to someday be able to travel to Dubai and visit that giant building out there. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the beach with Sharon under an umbrella and people watch

I’m a huge sucker for my dog Lenny. He has me wrapped around his finger, but I think the feeling is pretty mutual. My current favorite activity is my breakfast date I have with Sharon every Saturday morning before we open the gym.

hawkinsJonathan Hawkins

Crossfit L1

Always been around the gym, but got into Crossfit December of 2012. I’ve always been active and played high school sports as well as collegiate baseball.  But I never really felt “home” until I walked into a Crossfit gym for the first time.  I love the competitive atmosphere that it brings as well as the aspect of pushing our bodies to being machines that are ready to go at any given time.  Crossfit has definitely changed my life, and I love trying to be better every single day I walk into the gym, as well as push others to be their best.






Bruce Sutta

Crossfit L1

I love the constant challenge that you get with CrossFit.  You are always working towards goals.  As you accomplish one goal, you can immediately set another one.  It’s very fulfilling to watch yourself and the athletes around you get stronger and faster and to be a part of a community that supports one another.

I competed in the CrossFit Games, Masters Division in 2013 and finished in 10th place overall.  It was such an experience to be a part of this great group of elite athletes who cheered and supported each other even during the toughest of competitions.

When I’m not at the gym, I am spending time with family.  I especially enjoy the time I get to spend with my granddaughter.  Keeping up with her is like doing a WOD.  She keeps me moving!

SharonSharon Crook

Crossfit L1

Food is my passion.  I love to buy it, cook it, eat it and share what I know about it with others.  I really enjoy helping others find a way of eating that helps them reach their goals without being miserable.  Some might call it “dieting” but I prefer calling it “teaching people how to be good at eating.”

I’ve competed in a number of different power lifting meets and typically placed first or second.  I can’t remember specifically, only that I’ve got a variety of cheesy trophies.  I’ve competed in a few CrossFit competitions and am always pleased with my “game day” performance.  I recently competed in my first Olympic lifting competition, which helped me remember what it’s like to be a beginner (terrifying, mostly).  I usually learn something from competing, so I like to do it regularly.  Since starting CrossFit, I’ve achieved things that I never thought possible:  pull-ups, PR’s on my lifts that seemed unattainable, the ability to continue breathing during a workout…

I’ve always been in gyms.  It started at 15 years old waking up early to choke down some raw eggs in a blender then head to the YMCA  with my dad to give that protein something to do. I played sports all through high school;  if it ended in “ball” I tried out. Then I played life for a while, had a few kids, finished off a lot of happy meals, got squishy.  I reunited with the gym in my 20s (in other words, pretty recently), got lean, got some little muscles, got bored. Then Greg introduced me to power lifting.  I’ll spare you all the gory details of Greg’s experience in teaching me how to lift properly. Let’s just say that we now know our relationship can survive the worst of trying times.  After a few years of power lifting, I got bored again.  Same three lifts ALL. THE. TIME.  HashtagOverit.  My boredom led me to believe that I could be a runner.  One of the funniest things I’ve ever attempted.  I am not a runner.  I hate running.  What was I even thinking?  Eh….moving on.  Finally, I found CrossFit.  My first WOD almost killed me, but I got to swing a sledgehammer and I felt like a warrior. They served kool-aid after.  It was delicious.  Ever since then I tell everyone I know that I love CrossFit.  CrossFit is my life.

MikeMike Pilotte

Crossfit L1

No particular strengths. I would consider myself well rounded. However my love for America, family, freedom and cheat days is immeasurable, especially in freedom units.

I am a Citadel Graduate, Tank Company Commander in the North Carolina National Guard and Combat Veteran. I found Crossfit in 2009 while deployed with the U.S. Army to Baghdad, Iraq.  I was responsible for developing a physical fitness plan for my Soldiers, and to this day believe there is nothing better to physically prepare someone for the harshness of combat than Crossfit. After a brief hiatus, I re-discovered Crossfit in 2013 and realized how well it translates into everyday activity.  Besides the fitness aspect, I love the community at CFMNC, and am very lucky to have the friendships developed in the box.  I believe that a big part of fitness as in life is to enjoy everyday, and strive to spread that joy to my friends, family, and our athletes. I believe Crossfit can have the biggest impact on those who are furthest away from their fitness goals, and have a passion to help others better themselves.