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A note on programming


A note on programming

This Friday the  4th we will be doing the Crossfit total. This consists of a 1RM back squat, strict OVH press, and dead-lift. After today I will be programming a little on the lighter side so that everyone is fresh going into Friday. I’m sharing this now so that those of you that want to put up some decent numbers are mindful of your extra work this week leading up to Friday.

We are doing this to establish maxes for our upcoming strength cycle consisting of back & front squats, strict OVH presses, and dead-lifting. *this plan may change at anytime depending on the direction of the wind 🙂

On Friday I will program a progression on how to work up to your max appropriately without wearing yourself out.

A couple words of warning…I’m well aware of how much everyone likes to go heavy and I love it! But, many of you take it a bit too far and sometimes end up hurting yourself and missing days at the gym in the process. The goal is to have new numbers for the upcoming training. We are not attempting to break world records.

In short…be smart, lift heavy, and don’t do anything dumb.