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A Note from your Coaches, Coach


A Note from your Coaches, Coach

Solid words of wisdom from my coach and your program designer I thought I’d share.

By Matt Springer: Polishing for the Opens

The buzz and excitement is building around the Opens. Going into the final polishing stage of the year, it is worth reminding everyone a couple of key ideas:

1) There is little opportunity left to improve

2) There is SIZEABLE opportunity left to sabotage

The plain truth is, however you are today is 95-100% of how you are going to be in three weeks. Playing the game of ‘peaking’ towards the Opens is namely about maintaining strong vitality and not getting injured. By all means, if you’re feeling tired, I need to know. If you’re questioning whether to add that final 10lbs to the barbell, you probably should not. And again, why? See point #1 above.

With those ideas in hand, I also wanted to discussed two proactive strategizes to dial in this month during training:

1) Winners know how to pace

2) Winners work through the finish

When reviewing event results with folks, I often hear the comment, “I should have…[fill in the blank].” Everyone has said it! You do a hard training piece, then after the fact feel like you could have done more. In the Opens, you have got to either KNOW or simply trust yourself to push past perceived limits. You may fail, but that is why there are redos. In the coming month, if you catch yourself saying, “I should have…” then it is time to reflect on the workout. How did you feel in the workout? What were your physical signs? What was your self-talk? You’ve got to analyze all those points so that the next time it happens, you’ll remember that ‘this’ is not the limit. Your perceived limitations are false-positives, and they cannot be trusted. Reach for more.

As a numbers guy, this is a fun game to play: Go back to your 2016 Opens scores. Add one more repetition to each event and see how that manipulates your overall rank. Now do the same by adding two and three more repetitions per event. Within only 5-15 repetitions added across the board, your score starts to look pretty nice! Ultimately, eking out 1-3 more repetitions in an event comes down to attitude. How hard do you want to push and are you willing to suffer in the closing minute? There is no secret, it is simply hard work. Just like my least favorite quote above, I HATE reviewing videos and seeing complacent finishes. Do not catch yourself ‘pulling up’ or ‘coasting’ through the finish. You’ve got to continue making repetitions happen, even after the clock hits 00:00. Let your judge and videoing determine if you snuck a repetition through the closing whistle. Do not force that call yourself by stopping early. More times than not, if you’re hustling through the final call, you’re going to get that extra repetition or two. In the Opens, you need to be LIGHTS OUT and ready to chew bees when you hear the ‘final minute’ called out. Stop looking at the clock and get to work!