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Have you seen all the “healthy” snacks that are conveniently packaged for easy on-the-go eating?  They boast low calories or that they are made with “wholesome” ingredients like whole wheat.  Have you really looked at them?  The next time you’re shopping take a good, hard look.  Look at the ingredients.  Can you pronounce all of them?  Is sugar an ingredient?  How many sugars and carbs are in that little fella?  How many packs will you need to actually feel satisfied?  These things are just as full of crap as their maker is for marketing it as “healthy”

It is so important that you keep your guard up when watching commercials, looking at “health food” sections and packaging labels.  You’d be surprised what companies are allowed to call “healthy” on their packaging.  But what about the convenience, you say?  There are plenty of whole food snacks that work great on-the-go.  Try some fruit.  Have a serving of mixed nuts.  What about cut up veggies?  You can even buy tuna in a pouch.  There are other options that are actually healthy that will keep you on track and feeling good.