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So how do you know what amounts of food you should be eating???


So how do you know what amounts of food you should be eating???

precision_nutrition_calorie_control_guide_fb1We all have something that we are really good at.  Some of us are great at running, others at gymnastics.  Some excel in math, others in the arts.   No matter what we do well, we all have one thing in common:  we suck at portioning our food.  We overeat all the time – not necessarily on purpose, it’s just what we’ve always known.  So how do you know what amounts you should be eating?  The answer is simple; it’s in the palm of your hand.

In general, a meal will consist of some variation of lean protein, vegetables, some carb dense food (starches and fruit) and fat.  Here is how to determine the portion size for each type of food:


  • 2 palms of lean protein
  • 2 fist of veggies
  • 2 cupped hands of carbs
  • 2 thumbs of fats


  • 1 palm of lean protein
  • 1 fist of veggies
  • 1 cupped hands of carbs
  • 1 thumbs of fats

Keep in mind that this is a general rule of thumb (pun intended).  Your individual needs – meaning what you put on your plate and when – will vary depending on your body type, your goals and your lifestyle.  Use this guide to train your mind and your body to know a new normal that will help create a much healthier you!

Sharon Crook- Precision Nutrition certified coach