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What is CrossFit?

  • By definition CrossFit is; Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, Performed at High Intensity.
  • Constantly Varied does not mean random. Our program is a well thought out combination of the appropriate amount of strength and conditioning work needed to provide balance in fitness.
  • All the exercises we program at CrossFit MNC are based on how we move as humans in everyday life. We squat, bend, push, pull (vertically and horizontally), and carry loads of varying weights and distances. This is our definition of Functional Movement.
  • High Intensity is a relative term that is dependent on the athlete. What is intense for a beginner will vary from a member that has been in the program over a year. Here at CrossFit MNC we insure everyone is working within their individual capabilities, and at a safe but challenging range of intensity so they are getting the results they desire.


There are many reasons that set CrossFit MNC apart from other "Big Box" gyms including other CrossFit gyms. The 3 biggest are our Programming, Coaching, and Community. At CrossFit MNC we strive to provide the best Functional Fitness results possible! Our Programming has the Fitness minded member covered with workouts designed for overall health and well-being in mind, and also the member that has an interest in competing in the sport of fitness with our "Performance" version of our workout of the day. All of our classes are lead by one of our experienced coaches so you are never left alone wondering what to do?...or how to do it? Arguably the most important part is our Community. We are all here with a common goal of getting fit, being healthy, and becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be!

Our goal at CrossFit MNC is not about selling memberships like the "Big Box" gyms, it's about offering solutions to your problems. Is it weight loss, getting fit, needing help keeping up with your children or grand children? What have you done so far to fix these issues, and why hasn't it worked?

Why not try something different in a fun atmosphere full of people just like yourself...ready and committed to making a change!


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