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2015 Clash of the Amazons


2015 Clash of the Amazons

I don’t always have the time to share my thoughts, but wanted to take advantage of Mike coaching this morning…WOW!, what a weekend! We had quite a showing at this event last year, and this year was no different. We may not have had the number of competitors as last year but our presence was no different. All these ladies performed in such solid fashion all day long. Never missing a single lift, each of them having solid plans going into each event and following them to a tee…and the results at the end of the day showed it!

We had 2 individuals competing, Erika Niland, and Sharon Crook. In a field of around 30 competitors these 2 ladies stayed in the top 3 all day long! This effort got them both into the final workout for the top 5 athletes. Such a solid showing from both these two, from the strength side of things (no surprise there) going 3 for 3 on the hang squat cleans, being the first 2 off the rowers in an all conditioning workout, and some of the first to the bar after a 25 kettlebell swing buy-in on the 3rd workout. Erika battle through a pretty nasty knot on her knee given to her by the axel bar used in the final workout to finish in 4th place overall! Sharon fought to stay in that top 3 spot through the final workout to finish in 2nd place overall!…and her first time on the podium! Super proud of these two!!

We had 2 teams competing, Ashleigh Pilotte and Allie Jennings in the scaled division (a big one I might add with over 50 teams), Candice Everhart and Whitney Smith in the RX division. Ashleigh and Allie were sitting in 10th place I believe after the first event going 3 for 3 on hang squat cleans…both going heavier then planned, and Ashleigh even hitting a PR! These 2 fought their way up to 8th place after the 2nd event. Their goal was top 5, and they attacked the 3rd workout with a vengeance! They gave everything they had, crushing that workout, finishing 2nd over 51 teams! They finished the day in 6th place overall, barely missed making it to the finals. They busted their ass all day and I couldn’t be prouder of them!

Candice and Whitney had their work cut out for them in a very competitive group of RX teams. Similar to Erika and Sharon, these 2 spent the day floating around in the top 3 spot from the start. Like our other ladies super solid lifting, and of course 3 for 3 on their hang squat snatches. A lethal combo of big power on the rower from Whitney and a crap ton of double-unders from Candice put them in 2nd place going into the 3rd workout. Big engines, perfect transitions, and lots of heart moved these 2 into the top spot after the third workout. The final workout was an exciting battle between our girls and the 2nd place team, with our ladies coming in 2nd place on that workout only by 2 seconds I believe. This put them in a tie for 1st place overall. However, the tie-break was the score from workout #1 where the additional OVH squats Candice and Whitney were able to squeeze in made the difference and these 2 ladies finished the day in 1st place overall!!

No matter what the final outcome may be, it always makes me proud to have our gym represented by such a great group of athletes. Big THANK YOU to all that came out to support and cheer our ladies on, I love the support system we have here! I have to be honest, I couldn’t help but walk around that place with my head held high knowing we brought a bunch of badasses…that’s a damn good feeling as a coach 🙂