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16.5 Notes….


16.5 Notes….


Lean protein, starchy carbs (100-150g), low-moderate fat 3-4 hours prior to attempt.

90 mins prior (only if this workout will be a grinder for you); liquid protein & carbs (100-150 cals total)

After attempt; 

Minimum 20 min cool down on bike and rower…mostly bike.

20 min after cool down; 20-30g Protein + 25-50g sugary carb (fruit)

60-90 mins after; First real meal w/lean protein, carbs (lots), plus healthy fat.


General aerobic warmup; 15-20 mins


Open your front rack:


Squat clean thruster

One rep EMOM x8-12 sets; Load from 60% PP 1RM Build 2.5-5% per round; No misses, drill positioning


2 sets – All easy pace

500m Row – Easy pace, low damper

8 Thrusters – barbell only, positioning

4 Bar-facing burpees – working timing and rhythm

Rest 2-4 minutes


3 sets @95-97%

Row 20 seconds on high damper Rest 3-4 minutes


2-3 sets

5-3-1 @Game-pace

Thrusters – 95/65lbs, 65/45lbs

Bar-facing burpees

Rest/walk until full recovery (5+ minutes)


Burpee technique matters; To create pacing, step up to the bar prior to jumping over; If you plan on pushing a sub-10/sub-11 as a male/female, respectively, consider jumping over the bar without first stepping closer – this would be unbroken -A quarter-turn while jumping over the bar is a more productive technique compared to jumping, walking forward, and then turning to initiate the subsequent burpee

Thruster fractioning; Unbroken – this is only recommended if you at least made the 225/145lb barbells on 16.2 Fraction – the sets of 21/18/15 if you did not make it to the 225/145lb barbells on 16.2; Such as 14/7, 11/7, 9/6 or 5/5/5 -Overall pace It is best to open the rounds of 21/18/15 with some reserve; Once you hit the final rounds, particularly 9/6/3, be prepared to move as fast as possible -If you had success with HSPU on 16.4, pausing briefly overhead on each thruster is wise; If HSPU were mechanically challenging to achieve, just flash the lockout and aim to let the bar drop without resistance back to the front rack position -Avoid an early press on the thruster; You will gas on both thrusters and burpees; Instead, delay the press until terminal hip extension from the front squat