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16.4 Notes…


16.4 Notes…

Later than normal, but here ya go…


Lean protein, starchy carbs (100-150g), low-moderate fat 4-5 hours prior to attempt.

90 mins prior; liquid protein & carbs (100-150 cals total)

After attempt; 

Minimum 20 min cool down on bike and rower…mostly bike.

20 min after cool down; Protein shake + 25-50g sugary carb (fruit)

60-90 mins after; First real meal w/lean protein, carbs (amount varies depending on how many rounds you got), plus healthy fat.


General aerobic warmup

Row 350m @80-85%; Rest 60-120 seconds x4-6 sets


3 rounds @Easy pace

10 Russian KBS – 55/35lbs

10 Push jerks – 95/65lbs

10 Row calories (rest 45-90 seconds; 90% recovery wanted)


Deadlifts – 3/60%, 3/70%, 3/80% – Long rest


3 sets

4-6 Deadlifts – 225/155lbs – Game pace

6-8 Wall balls

10/8 Row calories

2-4 HSPU – Use this to create rhythm and verify your standards only (rest 2-4 minutes)


-Keep your chin down/tucked during deadlifts to reduce cervical aggravation that is also inevitable from WB and HSPU

 -Unbroken is NOT critical on deadlifts; Most people ought to break early; Sara Sigm. during the announcement show did 12+13+15+8+7; The key is creating constant pacing and breathing while bracing

 -Wall balls are incredibly variable in pacing strategy; The best strategy is to create constant pacing and aim to avoid large sets with large breaks

 -Your judge ought to pre-set the rower to zero calories prior to you finishing the wall balls; A moderate damper setting (4-7) with a high stroke rate (28 s/m+) will provide a different stimulus compare to the contractions necessary for wall balls and deadlifts; A high damper (8-10) and low stroke rate (<24 s/m) should only be used if you are accustomed to this

 -The end of rowing is a tiebreaker time; Have your judge mark the eclipsed time after rowing

 -Open HSPU with an extended set where you stop x3-5 shy of complete failure; Based on the standards, shortening of the lats can/will occur and reduce capacity to hit measuring standard

 -Be prepared to finish HSPU repetitions with your feet together and toes pulled towards shins to assisted clearing the foot line