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16.3 Notes…


16.3 Notes…


Some what similar to last week….

Lean protein, starchy carbs (100-150g), low-moderate fat.

The difference this week is you want to be boarder line hungry going into this workout, with the overall goal being to be as light as possible!


After attempt; 

Minimum 20 min cool down on bike and rower…mostly bike.

30 min after; Protein shake + 25-50g sugary carb (fruit)

60-90 mins after; First real meal w/lean protein, carbs (amount varies depending on how many rounds you got), plus healthy fat.


10-15 mins of aerobic work *get blood flowing and body temp elevated.


EMOM x8-12

Odd – 2x Tng power snatch @65-80%

Even – x3-5 Bent over SA KB rows per arm – 53/35lbs – High elbowing finish


Row repeats

60 seconds @90%

60 seconds rest

x 5 sets


3 sets @90-95%

35 Double unders

5 Tng power snatch – Rhythm drilling

1-3 Bar muscle ups / Jumping C2B

(rest 60-120 seconds)


As with last week this will vary great between individuals and their ability to do Bar MU’s. A good thorough warm-up will help greatly to keep you from “blowing up” 90 sec into the workout. Relax while snatching, and be SUPER efficient with your MU attempts. There’s LOT’s of video’s on strategy out there. The trick is finding the right advise for you and your abilities.

Good luck, and we’ll see you soon enough.