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16.2 Notes


16.2 Notes


Similar to last week….

Lean protein, starchy carbs, low-moderate fat.

No solid food 3-4 hours prior to attempt. Get in 100-150g carbs by this time

90 mins prior to attempt; 25-30g protein shake with some fruit (25-50g carbs *depending on how deep you’ll realistically make it in the workout)

After attempt; 

Minimum 20 min cool down on bike and rower…mostly row.

30 min after; Protein shake + 25-50g sugary carb (fruit)

60-90 mins after; First real meal w/lean protein, carbs (lots if you plan to redo), plus healthy fat.


10-15 mins of aerobic work *get blood flowing and body temp elevated.


3-4 rounds of specific movement prep, building in complexity.

sit-ups – hanging knee raise – TTB

Box jump *step down (short box) – single-unders – DU’s

Squat cleans from empty bar progressing to starting weight.


This will be VERY individual. It will all stem around what your limiting factor is?….TTB/Hanging knee raise, DU’s/SU’s, or weight on the barbell.

Too many scenarios to type out, but in short you’ll need to “bank” time in the movements your good at so that you have extra time for the movements you aren’t. After watching the OPEX webinar I have several strategies for various type of athletes that most of you will fit under and I will gladly share if you’d like to know. Jut see me prior to prepping for your turn.

Good luck to all of you!