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16.1 Notes….


16.1 Notes….

Do with these what you will. These are just highlights from my coaches at OPEX. MUCH more info than this. If you take the Open seriously, spend the money and get the Open prep guide at

Here ya go….

OPEX Notes;*My biggest take away’s

– 150g carbs prior to attempt for high output athletes, light on the protein side, very little fat.

– No solid food calories 4-5 hrs prior to attempt.

– 60 mins prior, Liquid protein and sugary carbs (protein shake & apple sauce *courtesy Nate, banana, grapes, etc.)

– Minimum 20 min cool down after attempt. AD, row, jump rope, walk.

– 30 mins post (only after cool down) liquid protein & carbs again (see above)

– 60 mins post, 1st real meal…lean protein, starchy carbs (sweet potatoes), veggies.

– Cool down & post attempt nutrition VERY important if repeat is possible.

Warm-up notes from Matt……

Sample warmup for 16.1

A. 5-15 minutes general aerobic warmup
B. Specific tissue release –
C. Hang squat snatch – EMOM 6×2 @45-60%; Mobility and shoulder opener
D1. Single-arm DB OH carry – 2x20ft each arm – rest 30 seconds afterwards
D2. GHD Hip extension @1010 – 2×10 – rest 90-120 seconds
**DB carry should feel strong but not taxing (25-55lb good range)
x1-3 sets – Ascending pace per set
10 Row calories
10ft Walking lunge steps – Ascending weight to Rx load from barbell per set
10ft Bear crawl – Low to floor
x3-5 CTB pullups, establish rhythm only of kip or butterfly
(rest up to 2 minutes btwn sets)
x1-2 sets – Dial in game pace; 2 ½ minutes = 8 rounds, 2 minutes = 10 rounds, etc.
25ft Overhead walking lunge – 95/65lbs
8 Bar-facing burpees
25ft Overhead walking lunge – 95/65lbs
8 Chest to bar pullups
(rest at least 3 minutes btwn sets; up to 6 minutes)
Open 16.1 Attempt

-Afterwards prepare to walk for 12-20 minutes to help promote a leg flush; Plan on easy flow work the day after to further mitigate swelling that will occur
-Good luck!