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15.4 RX Athletes


15.4 RX Athletes

Coach Mike put together some “tips and tricks” if you will based off observations etc from this morning. Solid advise here…

For 15.4 RX athletes: we ran some trials this am and I wanted to share some pointers with you.

1) Start every rep from the top of the handstand.  If you are used to starting on your head you should practice kicking straight into a handstand.  If you press up from your head the first rep won’t count.

2) make sure you wait for your judge to count the HSPU rep when you are extended.  The rep will not count unless your heels are above the line.  If you are missing the mark tighten your core and butt and point your toes to the ground to gain the extra inch you need for the rep to count.

3) Pace this one early. We saw Scott Pancheck do this last night and it worked for him.  This workout is about staying out of muscle failure for as long as possible.

4) if the cleans are heavy for you don’t be scared to squat clean if needed.  We think fast singles are the way to go here.

5) spend some time mobilizing prior and warm up well!